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#ISSUE 451
An exhibition that offers an up-close look at Taiwanese beliefs surrounding the afterlife is now underway at Musée départemental des Arts asiatiques.
Yuan Jai is well-known for her large-format works using ink and color that bridge the gap between Eastern traditional paintings and Western avant-garde art.
Taiwanese artists Lee Mingwei and Tehching Hsieh have been invited to partake in the Rubin Museum of Art's annual spring exhibition.
Art Bank Taiwan has partnered up with the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the Holy See for a special light-themed art show.
Apart from seven newly restored dramatic films in the Taiwanese language, four contemporary short films inspired by archival materials will be shown as well.
Ministry Updates
Inaugural bestowment of Taiwan’s Medal of Culture
The "Medal of Culture" was established this year by the Ministry of Culture to honor both Taiwanese and foreign nationals for their contributions in promoting Taiwan. In the inaugural bestowment of this honor, six French academics each received a medal.
March concerts to honor maestro Tyzen Hsiao
In memory of late Taiwanese composer Tyzen Hsiao, the Taiwan Music Institute will be organizing two concerts at the Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center in Taipei on March 7 and 8 to commemorate maestro Hsiao's legacy and the fifth year of his passing.
Taiwan-France Night of Ideas calls for sustainability
"La Nuit des idées," or the Night of Ideas, returned to Taipei on Jan. 31 with a renewed focus on climate change, the greenhouse effect, and how humanity can coexist prosperously with conservation goals.
Cultural Features
Emerging from Taiwan's post-martial law era, Blacklist Studio's anti-establishment music has been regarded as a pioneer in politicizing popular songs sung in the Taiwanese language, for which the collective received the 2019 Golden Melody Special Contribution Award.
Blacklist Studio
Taiwan's century-old family theater of Yung Shing Le has handed down shadow puppetry through five generations, with each generation infusing a new selection of modern techniques and original tales to keep this art form relevant to contemporary audiences.
Yung Shing Le Shadow Puppet Theatre Troupe
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