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ISSUE #235
'The View of Formosa's Landscapes from Photographers II,' one of the key photographic exhibitions from the National Taiwan Museum, is on view in Tokyo.
'Our Time: Taiwan New Cinema' hopes to share the unique style of storytelling of Taiwanese cinema through the careers and influence of five foundational filmmakers.
'Diversity and Transformation,' the first UK exhibition showcasing Taiwanese cultural heritage, opens at the European Research Institute of the University of Birmingham.
Under the theme 'Wonderful World, Colorful Taiwan,' the festival showcases how Taiwanese arts thrive in a society built upon a platform of cultural diversity.
Tehching Hsieh, a duress artist best known for his yearlong performances, is headlining the Taiwan Pavilion at Venice Biennale this year.
The Taipei Cultural Center in New York is revisiting the golden age of Taiwanese wuxia films by showing three classics recently restored by the Taiwan Film Institute.
Ministry Updates
Ministry spearheads Kaohsiung's heritage revival
Culture Minister Cheng Li-chiun visited Kaohsiung on Nov. 10 to follow up on the progress of the harbor city's latest heritage revival projects – the Zuoying Old City Plan and Hamasen Program.
NTM launches indigenous artifact conservation project
The National Taiwan Museum held a two-day workshop on indigenous artifact appraisal in Taipei on Nov. 13 and 14 to foster a team of artifact surveyors who are knowledgeable in damage evaluation and artifact preservation and maintenance.
Ministry to offer more culture-tech partnerships
To boost interdisciplinary collaborations between culture and technology, Vice Culture Minister Lee Lien-chuan visited the National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC) and the Instrument Technology Research Center (ITRC) in Hsinchu on Nov. 9.
Interdisciplinary fair to match art with science
As part the Ministry's Science and Art Experimental Innovation and Mentorship Program, a business-matching fair will be held at Taipei to promote interdisciplinary collaboration between science and art.
Cultural Features
M.O.V.E. is an artistic platform exploring the aesthetics of physical theater through movement, observation, and experimentation. Based in Taiwan, the fluid group invites artists from different disciplines encompassing theater, music, and dance to collaborate on new productions.
M.O.V.E. Theatre
The Old City of Fengshan County is an ancient fortified city built to defend against rioters during the Qing dynasty. As Taiwan's first stone fortress complete with a moat and four city gates, it once housed government offices, temples, and shrines as well as six main streets.
Old City of Fengshan County
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