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ISSUE #149
Film buffs will be remiss to miss out on a special retrospective on Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien running at the Deutsches Filmmuseum.
The Taipei Cultural Center exhibition on contemporary female artists is timed to coincide with the sixth session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women.
The films of Hou Hsiao-hsien, filmmaker extraordinaire, are currently available in a special retrospective program at the La Cinematheque Francaise.
Long Beach Museum of Art is host to an innovative exhibition featuring Taiwanese artists who evolve their creative practice in line with rapid advances in technology.
Taiwanese artist Wang Yu-chen is featured in 'The Imitation Game,' an ongoing exhibition in Manchester exploring machine imitation of human thought.
Ministry Updates
'My Life As An Athlete'
In anticipation of the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympics, the National Museum of Taiwan History in Tainan is hosting a special exhibition on Chang Hsing-hsien, the first Taiwanese athlete to join the Olympic Games.
'Sparkling Encounters'
'Sparkling Encounters: Taiwan-Japan Literary Exchanges' at the National Museum of Taiwan Literature presents how bilateral interactions throughout history have shaped contemporary literature and sentiments.
'Origami: Living World'
Featuring fantastic beasts and fauna by 23 international origami artists, the National Museum of History exhibition is aimed at raising eco-awareness through the beauty and fleetness of origami art.
'The Wind Will Still Blow Tomorrow'
To commemorate the centennial birthday of the late artist Lin Chih-chu, who was revered as the foremost authority on eastern gouache paintings in Taiwan, his most memorable works are being shown in Taichung City.
Cultural Features
Chang Dance Theater is the first troupe in Taiwan founded by four brothers. After developing a common interest in dancing during childhood, the four Changs established a troupe and took their surname as the group title.
Chang Dance Theater
Chen Chih-yuan is an award-winning illustrator whose children's books have been translated to more than ten languages and published around the world. Among them, 'Guji Guji' was a bestseller listed by The New York Times.
Illustrator | Chen Chih-yuan
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