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ISSUE #550
Co-presented by the Taipei Cultural Center in New York and Japan Society, two Taiwanese dance groups' Incandescence Dance and HORSE will be performing at Japan Society's Contemporary Dance Festival: Japan + East Asia on Jan. 14 and 15.
The Jakarta Biennale 2021, which will run until Jan. 21, has been launched with the theme of "ESOK (Tomorrow)," featuring seven Taiwanese artists and art groups participating under its Ring Project: Metaphors About Islands, participating in dialogues with art collectives in Indonesia and other Asian countries through their art creations.
"Wet Networks" features artifacts and commissioned projects from "Geek Camp 2021: Neversink Never Ever" at the Watershed Gallery, Queens Museum from Oct. 30 to Aug. 14, 2022. The exhibition is supported by the Taipei Cultural Center in New York, mainly organized by the Queens Museum and presented in partnership with Rhizome and CycleX.
Ministry Updates
MOC mourns demise of modern painter Kuo Tong-jong
Culture Minister Lee Yung-te expressed his condolences upon hearing the passing of modern and contemporary painter Kuo Tong-jong, who was one of the core founding members of the "Fifth Moon Group," on Jan. 9 at the age of 96.
MOC honored four Taiwanese artists as "living treasures"
The Ministry of Culture honored four Taiwanese artists Yu Li-hai, Chuang Wu-nan, Chiang Shi-mei and Cheng Rom-shing as "national living treasures" in recognition of their intangible cultural achievements and contributions to the arts on Jan. 10.
Mazu statues bless inhabitants along Pingxi line on train
As part of the "2021 Northern Taiwan Mazu Cultural Festival," twenty-five statues of Mazu, one of Taiwan's most popular religious icons known also as the Queen of Heaven, made their way to a renowned temple, Cheng An Temple, in New Taipei City on Jan. 8 on a train pulled by the steam locomotive CK124.
Cultural Features
Chen Rou-jin once said that she had been interviewing historical figures, tracing Taiwan's past, and researching historical materials for 30 years. Her most valuable accomplishment was turning the results of these interviews and textual research into intelligible works, showing that these historical events not only exist in textbooks and documents but have also been close to people's daily lives. They enable readers to have a deeper understanding of Taiwan's cultural history in addition to contributing to the promotion and popularization of Taiwan’s history and culture.
Writer | Chen Rou-jin
Taiwanese artist Hung Yu-hao has combined drone photography, 3D scanning, and virtual reality to create images of Taipei City's Wanhua District that can be explored free of the bounds of time. This unusual and engaging piece of visual art presents audience with the chance to experience this old district of Taipei City from a variety of angles through virtual reality devices.
Virtual Reality Visual Artist | Hung Yu-hao
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