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ISSUE #251
Under the banner "Comfort Zone," the Taiwan pavilion offers cozy ambience to suggest an enjoyable lifestyle at the International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS).
Award-winning Taiwanese prints celebrating the advent of Chinese New Year are on loan to the Irkutsk Regional Art Museum in eastern Russia for this special exhibition.
Lo Ch'ing – a celebrated painter, poet, and calligrapher who has helped reinvigorate Chinese ink painting – is holding a solo exhibition at the University of Maryland.
Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, one of Taiwan's most illustrious dance companies, is touring six US states in a celebration of the troupe's 45th anniversary.
The historic Twin Oaks estate, one of the most iconic witnesses to Taiwan-US relations, is hosting a special contemporary art exhibition by young Taiwanese artists.
Ministry Updates
Cultural Content Institute draft act passes review
The Executive Yuan has passed the draft establishment act for the Cultural Content Institute proposed by the Ministry of Culture, paving the way for Taiwan to use its culture and original content as an international calling card.
NT$10bn investment projects launched for content
Between two investment programs proposed by the Ministry, the budget totaling NT$10 billion includes grants and financial commitments to culture-related techniques, products, or services in the audiovisual, publishing, and ACG sectors.
Cultural Features
Miaoli's Longsheng Community is home not only to the gorgeous Longsheng Lake and to some of the distinctive culture of the indigenous plains Taokas people, but also to edible gourds that can be used in beautiful crafts and accessories.
Longsheng Community Development Association
Ama Museum, the first museum dedicated to the Taiwanese comfort women who were forced into sexual slavery by the imperial Japanese army during WWII, preserves their overlooked history while advocating for women's rights.
Ama Museum
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