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ISSUE #511
Four Taiwanese films will be screened virtually at the 2021 Seattle International Film Festival until April 18, which includes "My Missing Valentine," "Final Exam," "Get The Hell Out," and "The Teacher."
2021 Creative Expo Taiwan, a series of events revolving around the theme of "Supermicros" with an emphasis on the integration of technology and culture, will last until April 25.
The Ministry of Culture is calling for youth cultural gardeners to participate in a cultural exchange grants program between Taiwan and Southeast Asia as part of the New Southbound Policy until April 30.
Ministry Updates
Opening of Dajia Matsu procession broadcast globally
The opening of the nine-day Dajia Matsu Pilgrimage Procession, the largest religious procession in Taiwan attended by millions of believers each year, was broadcast globally by Radio Taiwan International in 11 languages on April 9.
NHRM holds expo on film censorship in Taiwan
The National Human Rights Museum in Taipei launched a special exhibition on April 7 to mark Freedom of Speech Day titled "Cinema and Censorship in Authoritarian Taiwan," to reflect the dismal state of freedom of speech and expression during authoritarian rule through the display of censored films, which will last until Dec. 12.
Zhan Bing Literary Museum opens in Miaoli
Zhan Bing Literary Museum at Zhuolan in Miaoli County was inaugurated on April 6 as part of the Miaoli Raoping Hakka Cultural Park Project in commemoration of Hakka poet Zhan Bing, and is intended to serve as a hub for Hakka language learning.
Cultural Features
Qi Deng-sheng was honored with the Taiwan Literature Awards, United Daily News Prize, China Times Literature Award, and Wu San-lien Literary Award for iconic works "I Love Black Eyes," "Return to the Sand River," and "Lament of the Sand River," the latter of which was adapted into a movie of the same name.
Modernist Novelist | Qi Deng-sheng
In the Taiwanese entertainment circle, Joseph Chang has earned himself the reputation of being a somber man of few words, while possessing the talent of giving fantastic performances in each scene.
Actor | Joseph Chang
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