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ISSUE #298
The Moscow-based State Museum of Oriental Art and the Ministry of Culture have curated a special Lunar New Year exhibition offering Taiwanese prints.
Two Taiwan acts have been invited to participate in the inaugural Thailand Biennale — the foremost international exhibition of contemporary arts in Thailand.
Featuring 36 contemporary Taiwanese artists, Taiwan's culture of freedom is being showcased through the arts at the Taipei Representative Office in Singapore.
Ministry Updates
One-stop destination for Taiwanese comics
The Taiwan Comic Base has been launched in Taipei to support homegrown comics and to act as a gateway for introducing the Taiwanese art form to international visitors.
2019 Taipei book fair to spotlight Germany
Featuring Germany as its theme nation, the Taipei International Book Exhibition will return to the Taipei World Trade Center for its 27th edition in 2019, which will take place from Feb. 12 through 17 under the theme "Time for Reading."
Cultural Features
Just how different really are the butcher's knife and the craftsman's blade? How does a butcher become an artist? For most people, these things represent parallel lines that would never intersect, but Duan An-guo has shown that where there's a will, there's a way.
Leather Artisan | Duan An-guo
Hsieh Tung-cheh grew up as the son of parents who sold oyster omelets by the Beigang Chaotian Temple. At age five, he became fascinated by temple art, immersing himself in temple culture and paving the way for his future creative works.
Cochin Ware Ceramicist | Hsieh Tung-cheh
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