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ISSUE #489
Craftsmanship in TaiwanWay, a main feature of the "Ciao! Taiwan Arts Festival," is underway in Hong Kong with exhibitions, videos, and workshops for visitors to have a better understanding of Taiwanese craftsmanship spirit.
A total of 13 Taiwanese films will be presented online at the Freedom Crossing Film Festival (FCFF), serving objectives of showcasing Taiwan's journey toward democracy and freedom and broadening U.S. audiences' notion of freedom though Taiwan cinema.
Five Taiwanese artists will be presenting their artworks at the "11th International festival of contemporary audio-visual and new media art (MADATAC XI)" in Spain from Oct. 26 through June 26, 2021.
Ministry Updates
National Cultural Heritage Preservation Awards honorees
A total of six winners, including preservation projects for tangible and intangible cultural assets and heritage preservers, were honored at the 5th National Cultural Heritage Preservation Awards ceremony held at Taichung-based Cultural Heritage Park.
Ministry mourns the passing of director Chang Yi
Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te expressed his profound sadness at the passing of the famed director Chang Yi, who is also the co-founder of prominent glass art brand Liuligongfang on Nov. 1.
Winners of Golden Indie Music Awards
The 11th Golden Indie Music Awards ceremony was held at Taipei Music Center, recognizing outstanding music artists who write and produce their own music across various genres. Singer J.Sheon and rock band "Future After A Second (FAAS)" were the biggest winners, each taking home three awards.
Cultural Features
Yen Shang, who was known for his eight-line poems, had been a tai chi practitioner. The late poet said that understanding the structure of tai chi had led him to the comprehension of the concept of tension in poetry, as well as thinking of the orientation and context of poems.
Eight-line Poet | Yen Shang
Chang Ching-yuan is a ceramicist who was key figure in forging a new path for contemporary ceramic art in Taiwan. In recent years, he has given a particular focus in his creative endeavors to containers of various kinds, in particular to tea sets. Photo courtesy of ©New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum
Ceramic Artist | Chang Ching-yuan
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