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ISSUE #203
The colorful menagerie sprung from the fertile imagination of artist Hung Yi has taken up residence at New York City's Garment District in Midtown Manhattan.
Exposition Photo Meta Data: Paris - Taipei,' a photography exhibition featuring digital works by two Taiwanese artists, is on view at Galerie La Ville a des arts.
The Central Naval Museum in St Petersburg is showcasing a collection of historic documents & photos that juxtapose Taiwan in the 1870s with its contemporary visage.
'Mode in Taiwan,' a fashion exhibition featuring 75 works by 3 London-based Taiwanese designers, is being held at the Calais Lace Museum in northern France.
Female artists take the center stage at the 'Considerate Creations: Chameleons' group exhibition running at the Taipei Cultural Center in New York.
Ministry Updates
Taiwanese illustrators head for Bologna book fair
The Taiwan Pavilion at the 2017 Bologna Children's Book Fair will highlight the concept of Intellectual Property under the banner 'Infinite Taiwan∞!' to focus on developing interdisciplinary projects based on original content.
International bamboo artists gather in Taipei
Inspired by a poem about moonlight wandering through a mountain bamboo forest, 'Bamboo Traces' will display roughly 100 works from Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, and the UK in an ambient setting.
Cultural Features
As the first Taiwanese artist to receive the top award at the prestigious Bologna Children's Book Fair, Page Tsou has since been invited to work with global brands such as Disney, ELLE, Johnnie Walker, SPIN, Yamaha, and The Big Issue.
Illustrator | Page Tsou
Dedicated to promoting the environment and culture of Taiping District in Taichung, the Watersource Cultural and Educational Foundation has helped revive the local indigo dye industry, boost cultural tourism, and preserve regional ecology.
Watersource Cultural and Educational Foundation
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