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ISSUE #255
Using food literature as a starting point, "Taste Taiwan" has curated an audiovisual experience exploring the nostalgia and cultural significance of Taiwanese delicacies.
The historic Twin Oaks estate, one of the most iconic witnesses to Taiwan-US relations, is hosting a special contemporary art exhibition by young Taiwanese artists.
Ministry Updates
 Taiwan Traditional Theatre Festival kicks off in Taipei
The 2018 Taiwan Traditional Theatre Festival will host a total of 16 exciting productions in a diverse range of styles, including Taiwanese opera, Taiwanese glove puppetry, Hakka opera, Nanguan opera, Peking opera, and Yu opera.
Tainan museum to showcase supernatural literature
The National Museum of Taiwan Literature has launched Taiwan's first exhibition of supernatural literature. By perusing Taiwan's tales of spooks and specters, visitors will be able to get a fresh perspective on this isle of magic and mystery.
Taiwan calls for Man Booker Prize to respect writer
Wu Ming-yi's nomination for the Man Booker Prize is a milestone for Taiwanese culture and literature. The Booker Prize Foundation should not bow to external influence and should respect authors and their home countries.
Cultural Features
Chi Ta-wei is a novelist and literary critic best known for queer literature. He has been invited to join the 2018 Bangkok International Book Fair to exchange ideas about sexuality and gender issues with Thai readers.
Author | Chi Ta-wei
Kaohsiung native Kuo Chang-hsi is a contemporary Taiwanese swordsmith. One of his most famous works is the brilliant and fine-edged Green Destiny sword wielded by Li Mubai in Ang Lee's "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."
Swordsmith | Kuo Chang-hsi
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