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ISSUE #454
An exhibition that offers an up-close look at Taiwanese beliefs surrounding the afterlife is now underway at Musée départemental des Arts asiatiques.
Yuan Jai is well-known for her large-format works using ink and color that bridge the gap between Eastern traditional paintings and Western avant-garde art.
San Francisco's Chinese Culture Center is hosting a solo exhibition titled "Homing" by installation artist Hung Tzu Ni to examine the spatial impact of light and sound.
A grand showcase of the enigmatic Ming dynasty painter Qiu Yang at the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts features paintings from Taiwan's National Palace Museum.
Tong Yang-tze, one of Taiwan's foremost calligraphers and the 2020 Wong Chai Lok Calligraphy Fellow, is being featured by Cornell University's Johnson Museum of Art.
Taiwanese artists Lee Mingwei and Tehching Hsieh have been invited to partake in the Rubin Museum of Art's annual spring exhibition titled "Measure Your Existence."
Ministry Updates
‘Angouleme Comics Festival: Taiwan Pavilion Retrospective’
To recreate the nine past Taiwan pavilions at the famed Angoulême International Comics Festival in France, the Taipei-based Taiwan Comic Base is holding a special exhibition for local fans.
‘Taiwan as Portrayed in Natural History Illustrations’
The National Taiwan Museum and Forestry Bureau have joined forces to present a special Taipei exhibition that tells the natural history of Taiwan through scientific illustrations.
Cultural Features
Comic artist Monday Recover is known for her young adult comics with notable works, including "Love of Sandstorm" and "The Pink Ribbon." She won the honors for Comic of the Year and Best Comic for Teenage Girls at the 10th Golden Comic Awards in 2019.
Comic Artist | Monday Recover
Built in 1899 and closed in 1985, the former Tangrong Brick Kiln, the largest of its kind in the nation, has been transformed into a testimony of Taiwan's progression in producing and consuming bricks throughout the 20th century.
Former Tangrong Brick Kiln
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