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ISSUE #459
Ministry Updates
Exhibition curated for Freedom of Speech Day
In honor of Freedom of Speech Day — which is celebrated on April 7 in Taiwan in memory of late activist Cheng Nan-jung — an exhibition has been curated on ordinary folks who were convicted under martial law for exercising their freedom of expression.
Forum held to review literature on human rights
A literary forum on human rights took place at the Jing-Mei White Terror Memorial Park on March 7, where authors from the Czech Republic, Germany, and Taiwan examined narratives of transitional justice at the intersection of culture, history, and memory.
Matsu’s Baiming Carnival listed as a national custom
The Matsu Islands' Baiming Carnival, which is the liveliest and most-celebrated folk festival to be held throughout the Taiwanese archipelago during the annual Lantern Festival, has been registered as an important folk custom in Taiwan.
Cultural Features
While the sea has been a central theme for many writers over the years, this Hualien-born author's writing is unusual in the way he weaves the sea and his own life together, as well as how he sees the ocean as a medium for reflecting on humanity's relationship with nature.
Maritime Author | Liao Hung-chi
The history of cochin ware pottery in Taiwan can be traced back to the 19th century, when Ye Wang of Tainan became Taiwan's first master of the art. For his help in replicating and teaching the techniques used by Ye, Lin Kuang-i was named by the government as a national preserver of cochin ware crafts in 2010.
Cochin Ware Master | Lin Kuang-i
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