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ISSUE #626
Taiwan vibraphonist Lu Chien Chien, along with NY Bassist Richie Goods, began their US West Coast Tour which includes three captivating performances. This extraordinary musical event aims to celebrate and appreciate the profound music creations and Jazz performances by two exceptionally talented musicians.
The market for Taiwan's bubble tea has grown significantly in Japan. As its popularity continues to increase, the Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo is hosting an exhibition at the Centre's gallery until Aug. 31 to showcase the culture of Taiwanese tea as well as a selection of tea wares used in the preparation and drinking of tea.
Taiwanese artist Leigh Wen is the first Taiwanese to hold an exhibition at the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center. The exhibition "At One with the Elements," which will run until Aug. 13 is made possible through support from the Ministry of Culture.
Ministry Updates
The Taiwan Literature Base of the National Museum of Taiwan Literature held a call for applications for the Autumn 2023 Writers-in-Residence Program. A total of 42 applications were received online, 10 out of which are from foreign authors in different countries.  
Representing Taiwan at this year's Festival Off Avignon, four performing troupes showcased their performances at an outdoor parade and drew attention by chanting the slogan "Taiwan, Avignon." People from around the world poured onto the streets of France to cheer for the performers and show their support.
The second season of "Fragrance of the First Flower," starring Taiwanese actresses Zaizai Lin and Lyan Chen, is officially in production in response to the fervent anticipation of fans worldwide for the new season. The popularity of the first season has led to distribution deals in many countries since its global launch in 2021.
Cultural Features
Known as the "Dancing Queen," Ouyang Fei Fei was not only a popular idol in the music industry but also the first successful pop singer to venture into Japan. What set her apart was her incorporation of vibrant dance moves and body language into her performances. At the time, her innovative shows sparked a wave of imitations and pioneered the trend of singing and dancing simultaneously.
Spring River Performing Arts Troupe takes a female perspective on the performing arts, injecting the unique softness and resilience of women into its theatrical productions. The troupe's president and founder, Lang Tsu-yun, has extensive experience in stage creation, production, and performance, and has been brave enough to experiment with various theatrical styles, becoming a pioneer in the theater scene.
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