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ISSUE #127
Taiwan’s innovative dancer and robot duo – Huang Yi & KUKA – has kicked off an U.S. performance tour that will take them to Maryland, Georgia, Indiana, and California.
The Chelsea College of Arts is hosting an art installation by collaborating artists Tsai Hsiao-chi and Kimiya Yoshikawa as part of the 2015 London Design Festival.
Unique handmade crafts fashioned with eco-friendly materials and Taiwanese aesthetics are showcased by the World Bamboo Fair 2015 in Damyang, South Korea.
A film festival in Valencia discusses the contemporary trends of immigration and urbanization through the eyes of four foreign-born Taiwanese directors.
An ongoing Taiwanese film and literature series at the Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo will introduce Taiwan’s diverse culture through film screenings and book forums.
Artwork reflecting the latest development of contemporary art in Taiwan is featured in NYC as part of the Taiwan and America Art Festival in New York.
Ministry Updates
Taiwanese authors set off for Frankfurt
Taiwan’s publishing industry will appear at the Frankfurt Book Fair this year under the theme “i,TAIWAN,” in which “i” represents “love” as its English pronunciation is similar to the Chinese character of “ai.”
Asia Pacific Traditional Art Festival
Featuring traditional performing arts in contemporary context, the Asia Pacific Traditional Art Festival will return to Yilan County in 2015 for its 15th edition from Oct. 10 through Nov. 1.
Engraving Prestige – Hand Tattoo of Paiwan
The unique body ink heritage of Taiwan’s indigenous Paiwan people will be showcased in a special exhibition co-organized by the National Taiwan Museum and the Laiyi Indigenous Museum from Oct. 6 through Dec. 6.
Cultural Features
A veteran potter renowned for his intricate floral-themed creations, Su Shih-hsiung is no stranger to the kiln’s secrets. Fact is, he may have conjured up some of his own.
Ceramic Artist | Su Shih-hsiung
Contemporary Legend Theatre is a pioneering performance group in Taiwan that blends Peking opera with modern Western theater.
Contemporary Legend Theatre
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