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ISSUE #254
"Shifting Momentum" – the first survey of Taiwanese abstract art packaged as an exclusive exhibition – is making its world debut at Asian Week New York.
Using food literature as a starting point, "Taste Taiwan" has curated an audiovisual experience exploring the nostalgia and cultural significance of Taiwanese delicacies.
The historic Twin Oaks estate, one of the most iconic witnesses to Taiwan-US relations, is hosting a special contemporary art exhibition by young Taiwanese artists.
Ministry Updates
New National Performing Arts Center board nominated
The second board of directors and supervisors of the National Performing Arts Center will continue to lead a full-scale development of culture across northern, central, and southern Taiwan and promote equality of cultural access.
Expo to reveal top cultural destinations of Taiwan
As part of the 2018 Creative Expo Taiwan, a total of ten themed tours highlighting Taiwan’s aesthetics, creativity, and cultural diversity will take travelers on a creative journey throughout Taiwan during the month of April.
Six heritage sites considered for national status
Minister of Culture Cheng Li-Chun announced on March 20 that the Ministry has formally launched the process to have six city-designated historic sites reviewed for eligibility to be elevated to national historic sites.
Human Rights Museum holds White Terror memorial
The National Human Rights Museum paid homage to victims of the White Terror era at a memorial service held on March 24 ahead of its grand opening on May 17 on Green Island.
Cultural Features
Once at the forefront of Taiwan's brick production, Qiatou residents are now working to integrate brick sculpturing into their daily lives, tying the local culture and history more closely together and turning Qiaotou into a village of brick art.
Qiaotou Community Development Association
For 130 years the building overlooking Kaohsiung Harbor was thought to be the British Consular Office. But the British National Archives proved that the consular office was at the foot of the hill, and that the hill-top building was in fact the residence.
British Consular Residence of Takao
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