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ISSUE #317
The Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo's "The Mirror of Time: Dry Plate Photography Exhibition" will introduce Taiwan's photographic heritage to Japanese exhibitiongoers.
moCa Cleveland is presenting a group of seminal works by famed Taiwanese artist Lee Mingwei as the centerpiece of its 50th anniversary suite of exhibitions.
Incense offerings, rice paper drawings, and mantra inscriptions by Taiwanese artist Charwei Tsai are now on display at the Rubin Museum of Art.
"Lightscapes: Re-envisioning the Sanshuihua" hopes to bring forth new interpretations of Chinese landscape ink painting by using art-based methodologies.
Ministry Updates
Human rights festival kicks off on Green Island
The National Human Rights Museum has invited 12 groups of contemporary artists to create new works for the Green Island Human Rights Art Festival this year, marking the first time that the annual event is spotlighting Taiwan's contemporary arts.
IP licensing volume attests to Taiwan’s vibrant originality
Since 2016, the Ministry of Culture has helped 37 Taiwanese original brands expand their international market share by leading delegations to global IP licensing fairs through the "Fresh Taiwan" initiative.
Taiwan Comic Base showcases residency results
The Taipei-based Taiwan Comic Base, an incubation center for Taiwanese comics, is holding a special exhibition to showcase new works created by the first group of comic artists enrolled in its newly launched residency project.
Cultural Features
In a career spanning nearly half a century, Shih Chun has been a dedicated actor who insisted on partaking in no more than one project at a time, successfully creating an unprecedented model for chivalrous and morally decent roles in wuxia movies.
Actor | Shih Chun
With two hands as his main tool and armed with a triangular carving chisel, Taiwan artisan Huang Sha-rong sets about creating his one-of-a-kind artworks, carving all manner of flora and fauna from single pieces of wood.
Woodcarver | Huang Sha-rong
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