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ISSUE #121
Taiwan is offering two programs at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe – 'Taiwan Season' comprising Tjimur Dance Theatre, Puppet Beings Theatre, and Formosa Circus Art – and 'Island Voices' represented by TAI Body Theatre.
'Micro Micro Revolution' consists of 3 socially engaged art projects from Taiwan: 'A Cultural Action at the Plum Tree Creek,' 'Plant-Matter Needed: The Material World of the Riverbank Amis Tribe 2015,' and '500 Lemon Trees.'
The National Museum of Prehistory has sent its exhibition on Asia’s baby-carrying culture to the Taiwan Academy in New York. The 47 relics will be available to the New York public from March through September.
The Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles is hosting a film series reliving the bittersweet memories of youth on every Thursday from Sept. 3 through Oct. 29.
Ministry Updates
Taipei forum opens dialogue among NGOs, participants
The 2015 Civil Society Forum held by the Ministry of Culture opened dialogues among participants from the U.S., Hong Kong, China, and Malaysia, bringing together 300 people on Aug. 22 to share civil society experiences and ideas in Taipei.
NTSO counts down to 70th anniversary
As part of the precursory celebrations of the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra’s 70th anniversary on Dec. 1, the ensemble performed a classical music flash mob at the departure lobby of the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on Aug. 23.
2016 Open Call: Emerald Initiative for Southeast Asia
The Emerald Initiative is an international grants program that will offer up to NT$900,000 per project. Proposals will be accepted before Sept. 10, 2015 for projects that arrange for Southeast Asian cultural personnel to visit Taiwan.
2016 Open Call: Rainbow Initiative for int'l collaboration
This program will subsidize plans for multinational and multi-disciplinary collaborative cultural projects. Applications for proposals seeking funding in amounts between NT$1 million and NT$10 million are welcomed before Sept. 30, 2015.
Cultural Features
Late Taiwanese artist Lin Chih-chu devoted his life to raising the status of eastern gouache, which is also known as dis-temper or glue-color painting. By conscientiously innovating and testing the bounds of glue-color paintings, he has given his chosen medium a new name and greater artistic value.
Painter | Lin Chih-chu
The veritable master weaver kindly attributes the beauty of his craftsmanship to the natural tenacity of the bamboo plant itself, saying that the timber retains life in a different form, and the weaver can only take half the credit for the finished product.
Bamboo Weaver | Huang Tu-shan
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