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ISSUE #291
The exhibition explores the everyday currency of labor, time, desire, power, and language to shed light on the tangible meaning of exchange.
Hsu Chia-wei cuts across time and geography to narrate the history of the Malayan tapir and its relations to colonial powers and zoos in Southeast Asia.
The world-renowned Mori Art Museum has invited two Taiwan artists to join its disaster-themed program "Catastrophe and the Power of Art."
Featuring 36 contemporary Taiwanese artists, Taiwan's culture of freedom is being showcased through the arts at the Taipei Representative Office in Singapore.
Festive Lunar New Year prints from Taiwan are being showcased for the first time at Chelyabinsk, a Russian city close to the Ural Mountains.
Two Taiwan acts have been invited to participate in the inaugural Thailand Biennale — the foremost international exhibition of contemporary arts in Thailand.
Ministry Updates
NTM publishes series on Taiwan
The National Taiwan Museum has launched a six-volume bilingual series titled "Photographers of Taiwan Series II," a trove of splendid works by six veteran Taiwanese photographers that celebrate their unique creative spirits.
Key architect of Taiwan’s literature museum passes away
Prominent poet and literary researcher Lin Jui-ming passed away at the age of 68 on Nov. 26. Lin was one of the key architects of the National Museum of Taiwan Literature and a published authority on Taiwanese nativist literature.
Taiwan brands make successful foray into global licensing
The Ministry of Culture selects intellectual property holders to participate in international licensing fairs, assisting Taiwan companies in cultivating overseas markets under the banner "Fresh Taiwan" and building Taiwan's global cultural image.
Taiwan student wins Directors Guild of America award
The Directors Guild of America (DGA) has named Taiwan director Yang Chieh as the Best Asian American Student Filmmaker of the US East Region for her work on "Tail End of the Year." It's a story about one little girl's Lunar New Year's Eve.
Visual identity of negative heritage sites revealed
The "Design Competition on Visual Identity for Sites of Negative Heritage" exhibit at Jing-Mei White Terror Memorial Park showcases winning works that seek to reconcile the nation's authoritarian past with the modern advancement of human rights.
Cultural Features
Chen Su-fang is an editor at one of Taiwan's most respected publishers, with a strict insistence on literary standards and experience in a wide range of forms, genres, and authors that have made her a trusted editor for literary creators.
Editor | Chen Su-fang
The memorial museum is not only a place of commemoration, but also home to a collection of exhibitions and literary lectures, carrying forward the historical perspective on Taiwan literature that the late writer-critic Yeh Shih-tao constructed.
Yeh Shih-tao Literary Memorial Museum
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