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ISSUE #138
'Saint Anonymous' by Taiwanese artist Stanley Fung, a pastor by vocation and a photographer by passion, offers stunning portraits of the soul.
Taiwanese photographer Lin Chia-wen, who was named young artist of the year by Art Taipei 2014, is holding a solo exhibition at the Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo.
'The Book Garden,' a solo exhibition featuring sculptures made by artist Chen Long-bin from upcycling old books, is being staged at the San Antonio Central Library.
Metallic crafts and jewelry that have received acclaim from Taiwan’s premier crafts competition are on display at the National Ornamental Metal Museum of Tennessee.
Taiwan's integration of traditional and religious beliefs with modern values is the topic of discussion at an art exhibition hosted by the University of British Columbia.
Ministry Updates
'Freedom Love: 2016 TIBE'
The Taipei International Book Exhibition will offer a little something for everyone – the literature, illustrations, and films of 2016 theme country Hungary, and a retrospective exhibition on one of the most beloved female authors in Asia, Eileen Chang.
'Lumber 11: Furniture for Shoes'
Lumber 11, a joint exhibition featuring artisanal shoe holders designed by Finnish designer Tuomas Markunpoika and handmade by Taiwanese craft artists, will be held at the newly opened Creative Tainan PLUS.
'Dreams, Habitations'
'Dreams, Habitations' at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts will showcase the approach taken by Taiwan's young artists to express their anxiety and emotions toward a perceived unstable future.
'Tricolor-glazed Wares from Luoyang'
Characterized by a distinct yellow, green, and white glaze, the highly recognizable pottery works from the imperial Tang Dynasty will reappear briefly at the National Museum of History.
Cultural Features
A writer-activist who championed the proletarian literature movement in Taiwan during Japanese occupation, he was best known for works such as 'The Newspaper Man' and 'The Indomitable Rose.'
Writer | Yang Kui
Lin, the artistic director of Taiwan's famed Legend Lin Dance Theatre, is an influential choreographer who has modernized traditional Taiwanese rites on the contemporary stage.
Choreographer | Lin Lee-chen
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