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ISSUE #276
Late Japanese scholar Mitsuru Nishikawa's collection of Taiwan-inspired cultural relics is now on view at two museums in Japan's Fukushima Prefecture.
"Tradition in the Near Future" seeks to showcase the contemporary arts, films, and performances inspired by Taiwan's traditional temple fairs.
Taiwan's renowned photographer Shen Chao-liang is holding a solo exhibition on Taiwanese stage-car culture at the Sala Amárica gallery in Vitoria, Spain.
The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan is showcasing the significance of the zodiac animals associated with a twelve-year cycle in traditional Chinese culture.
Chin-pao Chen is the first Taiwan artist to be featured by the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for Documentary Photography & Film's annual exhibition in France.
"Infatuation, Taiwan" features photography that captured historical images on the progress of Taiwan's democracy, freedom, liberty, and modern arts during the 1980s.
Ministry Updates
New national historic sites in Taiwan brings total to 98
Three locations in Taipei City — Chen Yueji Residence, Freedom House, and Datong House — have been named national historic sites, bringing the total number of such sites in Taiwan to 98.
Minister vows to hasten restoration of historic sites
Minister of Culture Cheng Li-chun visited the Chen Yueji Residence following its registration as a national historic site, and discussed plans to work on speeding up restoration work in the future.
Cultural Features
Pan Ceramic Studio has successfully developed a line of creative ceramics inspired by incense for Tainan's Taizigong Temple. Bringing together folk religion with handicrafts to create products like these is an unprecedented creative breakthrough for Taiwan's cultural sector.
Pan Ceramic Studio
Pairang Pavavaljung is a master of the Paiwan nose flute. His combination of performing talent and handicraft skills has earned Pavavaljung the nickname Pulima, literally "the many-handed" and meaning "one skilled in craftsmanship and whose hands can tell stories."
Paiwan Nose-flute Player | Pairang Pavavaljung
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