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ISSUE #463
Ministry Updates
Second set of COVID-19 relief subsidies now available
The Ministry of Culture's "Arts and Culture Relief 2.0" plan will be open for applications starting May 4. The plan includes two forms of subsidies to counter the projected effects of COVID-19 on Taiwan's cultural and arts sectors.
National treasures exhibition reopens in Taichung
Featuring 29 national treasures, two antiquities, and a piece categorized as general antiquity, the Bureau of Cultural Heritage's "Carrier of Time" exhibition runs through Aug. 27 at the Taichung-based Cultural Heritage Park.
Residency as a way to engage with crafts
The Nantou-based National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute is holding a special showcase through Oct. 18 to share the on-site progress of three international artists serving residency at the nation's premier crafts institute.
Sato Haruo’s travel literature displayed in Tainan
The National Museum of Taiwan Literature invites visitors to travel back in time through the eyes of Sato Haruo, a late Japanese literato who visited Tainan in 1920. Sato's words captured the essence of Taiwan's folk culture under Japanese rule.
Catalogue published to honor late cultural helmsman
To mark the 98th anniversary of the birth of late cultural pioneer Dr. Chen Chi-lu, the National Taiwan Museum and National Taiwan University's Department of Anthropology jointly published a catalogue of his artifact illustrations.
Cultural Features
Dr. Chen Chi-lu, the first-generation cultural helmsman of post-war Taiwan, was one of the most qualified and prestigious anthropologists of his era. He had also served as the first commissioner of the Council for Cultural Affairs. 
Anthropologist | Chen Chi-lu
Li Chien-lang is one of the most influential heritage preservationists in Taiwan. He believes that monuments tell stories, and he hopes the public will care more for traditional structures after learning of the story housed within each monument.
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