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ISSUE #500
Taiwanese pianist Jenny Lin will be holding a virtual performance on the Washington Performing Arts platform, which will be pre-recorded at National Kaohsiung Center of the Arts (Weiwuying) and available from Jan. 29 through Feb. 4.
The Longci Light Festival, revolves around the theme of "natural revival" based on a local legend, features 12 teams organized by artists, comic artists, and members of the local community to present 14 pieces of giant light art pieces.
Taiwanese contemporary sculpture artist Hong Yi will simultaneously hold solo exhibitions at Taipei 101 in Taiwan, Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias in Spain, and Artspace K in Hong Kong through Feb. 28.
Ministry Updates
2021 TiBE makes decision to go all virtual this year
The physical Taipei International Book Exhibition (TiBE) originally slated for Jan. 26-31 will be cancelled, while the virtual events, launched on Dec. 29, 2020, will continue.
Taiwanese film "A Sun," directed by Chung Mong-hong, won the Best Foreign Language Feature at the Houston Film Critics Society's (HFCS) 14th annual awards on Jan. 18.
Chimei showcases behind-the-scenes of art analysis
Chimei Museum has launched a website, titled "Peeking Behind," using images and texts to showcase the process of inspecting and analyzing paintings by museum conservators, giving viewers a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes findings.
Cultural Features
Su Chien-an's education in automotive repair and food science may already seem like an odd conflict, but what came next in his career might be even more surprising — a mastery of the delicate art of crafting fine works from gold and silver.
Goldsmith | Su Chien-an
Tainan Art Museum is located in two buildings, both rich with cultural heritage. The rise and rebirth of these structures will help with the incorporation of local artistic resources and foster greater creative interaction of Tainan art.
Tainan Art Museum
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