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ISSUE #234
The Spotlight on Taiwan program at the 2017 Hawaii International Film Festival honors one of the most exciting voices from Taiwan – author-filmmaker Giddens Ko.
The life and illustrious career of Taiwan auteur Hou Hsiao-hsien is being relayed in a 15-film-strong retrospective hosted by the Asian Film Festival. Barcelona (AFFBCN).
'Taiwan’s Lost Commercial Cinema – Recovered and Restored' is a symposium and a seven-nation Europe tour featuring 10 iconic Taiwanese-language films.
'The View of Formosa's Landscapes from Photographers II,' one of the key photographic exhibitions from the National Taiwan Museum, is on view in Tokyo.
'Our Time: Taiwan New Cinema' hopes to share the unique style of storytelling of Taiwanese cinema through the careers and influence of five foundational filmmakers.
'Diversity and Transformation,' the first UK exhibition showcasing Taiwanese cultural heritage, opens at the European Research Institute of the University of Birmingham.
Ministry Updates
Taiwan artists memorialized in books, films
As part of the Ministry's efforts in reconstructing the art history of contemporary Taiwan, ten more books and five more documentaries have been released this year to help enhance public awareness of senior Taiwan artists.
Art Bank engages with children, elderly patients
Taking inspiration from Kaohsiung's hospitable culture and harbor landscape, Art Bank Taiwan brought artists, games, and art to the children and elderly patients of Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital this autumn.
Tainan museum explores Taiwan's religious heritage
The National Museum of Taiwan History in Tainan is holding an exhibition featuring the Wangye ('royal lord') sect thriving in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. The most complete rituals and traditions remain best preserved in Taiwan today.
Cultural Features
Dubbed the 'Variegated Bird of Art,' Lee Shi-chi is an iconic artist who is able to present abstract art in Chinese form. His dedication in revitalizing traditional culture has made him an influential artist in the development of modern art in Taiwan.
Painter | Lee Shi-chi
Originally the Old Tainan District Court established by the Governor-General of Taiwan, the Tainan Judicial Museum has been restored to its former architectural glory and is now a new cultural landmark in southern Taiwan.
Tainan Judicial Museum
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