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ISSUE #260
The Museum of Arts Crafts-ITAMI has selected 17 up-and-coming designers to showcase their works and present Taiwan's culture and art to the Japanese public.
"Shifting Momentum," the first survey of Taiwanese abstract art packaged as an exhibition, opens at the Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton University in New Jersey.
The historic Twin Oaks estate, one of the most iconic witnesses to Taiwan-US relations, is hosting a special art exhibition by young Taiwanese artists.
For the 2018 tour of Spain, Hung Dance is stage their award-winning work "Birdy" in the regions of Castilla-Leon and Valencia for a total of thirteen performances.
Ministry Updates
National forums to solicit heritage preservation ideas
Scheduled for May 19 through Aug. 4, the 2018 National Cultural Heritage Congress & Forums will be held across Taiwan and its outlying islands to gather public views and ideas on cultural heritage preservation.
Taiwan launches national register for heritage
The Bureau of Cultural Heritage has released a list of nine collections of documentary heritage for the first National Register of Taiwan, which was drafted after UNESCO's Memory of the World program.
National Human Rights Museum will open May 17
After six years of preparation, the National Human Rights Museum will officially open on May 17 as the first museum that combines historic sites with national memories of an authoritarian regime in Asia.
Cultural Features
Dubbed the "Hans Christian Anderson of Hakka Literature," Chang Chieh-ming is a contemporary Hakka author of children's literature known for his use of humorous colloquial language and provision of phonetics and explanations in his stories. 
Hakka Writer | Chang Chieh-ming
Yang Xiu-qing is one of the last remaining professional chant-singers in Taiwan and a major promoter of the Taiwanese-language "gezai" narrative song form. The combination of her lyrics with folk and various traditional theatrical musical styles has set down a firm foundation for this unique vocal tradition.
Chant-Singer | Yang Xiu-qing
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