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ISSUE #151
The State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow is currently displaying a collection of historic documents and relics juxtaposing 1870s Taiwan with its contemporary form.
Taiwanese installation artworks made with eco-conscious materials such as bamboo and driftwood take the center stage of Japan's Setouchi Triennale 2016.
A film festival celebrating the accomplishments and struggles of women in Taiwan is taking place across New York City to showcase 6 Taiwan-made films in 7 screenings.
Long Beach Museum of Art is host to an innovative exhibition featuring Taiwanese artists who evolve their creative practice in line with rapid advances in technology.
Taiwanese artist Wang Yu-chen is featured in 'The Imitation Game,' an ongoing exhibition in Manchester exploring machine imitation of human thought.
The 20th Biennale of Sydney has selected a total of 83 artists, including six from Taiwan, to showcase forward-thinking artworks in Australia.
Ministry Updates
App available for exploring creative boutiques
The 2016 Creative Expo Taiwan Fringe Shops, a program that connects the shops surrounding the venues of the coming Creative Expo Taiwan through a mobile application, will kick off on April 1.
'Writing under the Same Roof'
Curated by the National Museum of Taiwan Literature, the Tainan exhibition introduces generations of literary families in Taiwan through their representative works, manuscripts, and photographs.
'Allegory by Ni Tsai-chin: A Memorial Retrospective'
Paintings, seal cuttings, and installations are currently on display at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts to commemorate the late artist Ni Tsai-chin and his allegories on Taiwan's society and environment.
Cultural Features
Chu Tien-wen, a prolific literary figure and long-term screenwriter for director Hou Hsiao-hsien, is known for her incredibly detailed narrative, fine and enigmatic writing, and a pervasive sense of wisdom.
Writer | Chu Tien-wen
Situated in the county where Taiwanese glove puppetry first originated, the Yunlin Hand Puppet Museum was established to preserve and promote the beloved folk art.
Yunlin Hand Puppet Museum
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