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ISSUE #296
The world-renowned Mori Art Museum has invited two Taiwan artists to join its disaster-themed program "Catastrophe and the Power of Art."
Hsu Chia-wei cuts across time and geography to narrate the history of the Malayan tapir and its relations to colonial powers and zoos in Southeast Asia.
EYE Film Institute Netherlands is holding a 14-film-strong retrospective on art house auteur Tsai Ming-liang, a master in the realm of slow cinema.
Two Taiwan acts have been invited to participate in the inaugural Thailand Biennale — the foremost international exhibition of contemporary arts in Thailand.
Featuring 36 contemporary Taiwanese artists, Taiwan's culture of freedom is being showcased through the arts at the Taipei Representative Office in Singapore.
Ministry Updates
Budget for Taiwanese TV station clears Legislative Yuan
Budget for Taiwanese-language TV station clears Legislative Yuan, marking a new milestone in Taiwan's promotion of equal cultural rights and the revitalization of the nation's linguistic heritage.
Cultural Content Institute to be launched in mid-2019
The Ministry of Culture will establish the Cultural Content Institute in mid-2019 to support the nation's creative industries and help introduce Taiwan's cultural output to the world.
Cultural Features
Hsu Hsiu-nien has been performing in Taiwanese opera since she was five years old. Having earned a reputation as the "eternal maiden" over the course of her six decades of acting, Hsu has continued to refine her skills and take on new challenges.
Opera Actress | Hsu Hsiu-nien
The traditional art of "yige," which is often used to celebrate the birthday of the goddess Matsu, has a history that stretches back centuries. Yan San-tai now works to incorporate folktales and spectacular light-and-sound effects to take it to a new level.
Yige Master | Yan San-tai
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