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ISSUE #480
Titled "Empowered by Restoration/Renovation: The Taiwan Experience," the program features three videos that introduce projects recognized by Taiwan's ADA Awards for Emerging Architects.
The Taiwan Film Festival Edinburgh will run online until September 27th, with a focus on the development and history of Taiwanese films and covering a variety of regions and time periods.
The 2020 Yokohama Triennale in Japan will be showcasing the works of three Taiwanese interdisciplinary artists — Zhang Xu-zhan, Joyce Ho, and Aluaiy Pulidan.
Ministry Updates
Taiwan launches first pop music center
The Taipei Music Center (TMC) in Nangang District, Taiwan's first hub dedicated to the production and reception of pop music to drive the development of the nation's music industry was inaugurated on Aug. 27.
Diving program launched to explore underwater heritage
A tailor-made diving program, including a stranded American luxury ocean liner from 1937, was carried out at Green Island to train divers to explore underwater sites and to promote public awareness and appreciation for Taiwan's marine cultural heritage.
Books Kinokuniya in Japan launches first Taiwan section
Books Kinokuniya, a Japanese bookstore chain founded in 1927, launched a permanent section in its Tokyo location to showcase a variety of publications from Taiwan, giving Taiwanese books a greater exposure in Japan.
Cultural Features
For Huang Cheng-feng, second-generation drum maker and owner of the renowned Yongan Drum-Making Workshop, making drums is a lot more than a life-time calling, it represents a sense of accomplishment and family pride.
Drum maker | Huang Cheng-feng
Yang Hsin-hsing is a tribal craftsman with more than 25 years of experiences producing Tsou tribe's traditional hunting bags. He knows the ancient weaving technique inside out, from ramie planting, harvesting the flowering plants, fiber extraction, producing threads, to grid pattern design of hunting bags.
Tsou Hunting Bag Weaver | Yang Hsin-hsing
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