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ISSUE #206
Female artists take the center stage at the 'Considerate Creations: Chameleons' group exhibition running at the Taipei Cultural Center in New York.
'Sensational Mind/Sensacinal Mente,' where photography is neither landscape or portrait, is a running exhibition at the Colourworks Photo Art Space in Wilmington.
'The Beauty of Motifs in Taiwan Indigenous Culture,' an exhibition featuring decorative textiles and embroidery, is being held at the Taiwan Cultural Center.
'REWOVEN: Innovative Fiber Art,' an international collaboration among Taiwanese and American museums and art galleries, lands in New York City.
Ministry Updates
Creative Expo Taiwan sets off 'cultural explosion'
Creative Expo Taiwan (CET), the largest trade fair to present the unique lifestyle and values of Taiwan, has returned to promote a diverse range of creative products at three venues in Taipei through April 23.
Taiwan celebrates World Book Day
The Ministry will help connect a network of 100 independent bookstores, three national bookstore chains, two online bookstores, three digital publishing platforms, and two book streets in Taipei to jointly promote World Book Day on April 23.
Striving for equal rights through public hearings
The Ministry is holding a series of public hearings on the draft Culture Basic Law for art professionals, scholars, local representatives, and government personnel to voice their views on the proposed legislation that will govern the basics of culture in Taiwan.
Cultural Features
Dong was a master lantern maker based in Kinmen County. Specializing in making bridegroom's lanterns for the traditional Southern Fukienese wedding, Dong was respected for his skills and persistence in upholding the traditional folk craft.
Lantern Maker | Dong Tian-bu
The Taihoku Railway Division was an administration for managing and operating national railways during the Japanese colonial era. Having witnessed a century of history, the site has since been designated as a National Heritage Site.
Taihoku Railway Division
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