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ISSUE #205
Hosted by the Sun Yat Sen Memorial House, 'Taiwan Festival: Floral Time' is a 12-day event celebrating Taiwan's culture with the people of Macau.
'Mode in Taiwan,' a fashion exhibition featuring 75 works by 3 London-based Taiwanese designers, is being held at the Calais Lace Museum in northern France.
Female artists take the center stage at the 'Considerate Creations: Chameleons' group exhibition running at the Taipei Cultural Center in New York.
'Sensational Mind/Sensacinal Mente,' where photography is neither landscape or portrait, is a running exhibition at the Colourworks Photo Art Space in Wilmington.
'The Beauty of Motifs in Taiwan Indigenous Culture,' an exhibition featuring decorative textiles and embroidery, is being held at the Taiwan Cultural Center.
'REWOVEN: Innovative Fiber Art,' an international collaboration among Taiwanese and American museums and art galleries, lands in New York City.
Ministry Updates
SEA Advisory Committee meets in Taipei
Culture Minister Cheng Li-chiun hosted a charter ceremony on April 10 for the 2017 Southeast Asia Advisory Committee, a group of cultural experts working to deepen mutual understanding between Taiwan and Southeast Asia.
Literature-adapted films to promote reading
To entice members of the younger generation to take a deeper interest in classic Taiwan literature, the Ministry of Culture has launched a second audiovisual series adapted from the works of iconic writers.
New Taipei exhibition pays tribute to late activist
The Preparatory Office of the National Human Rights Museum has curated a special exhibition in New Taipei City to commemorate the nation's first Freedom of Speech Day on April 7, 2017.
New act to defend Taiwan's linguistic diversity
To enhance civic participation in the formulation of national cultural policies, six public hearings have been held on the proposed Development Act of National Languages to solicit feedback on methods for preserving the linguistic diversity of Taiwan.
Cultural Features
There are fifteen species of cranes throughout the entire world, and Taiwan's Wu Shao-tung is one of the three photographers who have captured all 15 species in their native habitats. His images capture the crane's primary habitat and ecological environment and provide a glimpse of the graceful elegance of the bird.
Photographer | Wu Shao-tung
The Association was established to help the Talanpo community increase their income by transforming their traditional agricultural practices into organic farming. After nine years of effort, Talanpo became the first indigenous tribe to receive organic certification from the Swiss Institute for Marketecology.
Talanpo Cultural & Agricultural Promotion Association
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