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ISSUE #193
Taiwanese visual artist Wu Tien-chang is holding a solo exhibition at the Contemporary Festival of New Media Arts & Advanced Audio Visual Technologies (MADATAC).
Indigenous artist Chang En Man, who hails from the aboriginal tribe of Paiwan, is holding her first solo exhibition in North America titled 'Heavy As A Feather.'
A collaborative exhibition on earthquakes in the history of Taiwan and Japan is being showcased at the National Museum of Japanese History (Rekihaku).
'Elsewhere is Nowhere,' an international joint exhibition curated by Taiwanese and German artists, is on view at Vienna's Kunsthalle Exnergasse (KEX).
The colorful menagerie sprung from the fertile imagination of artist Hung Yi has taken up residence at New York City's Garment District in Midtown Manhattan.
Ministry Updates
Ju named chairman of National Performing Arts Center
Ju Tzong-ching, musician and founder of Ju Percussion Group, has been named chairman of the National Performing Arts Center, an administrative cooperation seen as the key to the structural upgrade of the cultural environment in Taiwan.
NMP launches Taiwan's first digital 3D cultural archive
The Taitung-based National Museum of Prehistory has launched Taiwan's first digital 3D archive of cultural artifacts containing 80 pieces of replicated artifacts. It is also offering a mobile program with AR/VR applications for museums.
Replica of sacred woodcut plate returned to temple
Since the aged 'Sacred Woodcut of Baosheng Dadi' relic can no longer perform its duties, a high-tech replication was made to reintroduce the item back to its historic scene and context at the Xing Ji Temple in Tainan.
Construction of the National Photography Center begins
Upon completion by the end of 2018, the National Photography Center will focus on 'national memories' and 'photographic arts' as its core tasks to construct an outline of the history of Taiwan photography.
Cultural Features
Chang Yui-tan is a leading figure in the field of museum studies in Taiwan. He has played an important role in developing museums and prompting cultural exchanges between Taiwan museums and their overseas counterparts.
Heritage Preservationist | Chang Yui-tan
Established by a group of local residents who were concerned about the cultural heritage of early agricultural Taiwan, the association aims to preserve, restore, and pass down local culture and history and build a sustainable community.
Chiayi Dingcaiyuan Development Association
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