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ISSUE #281
Aichi University is organizing a series of Taiwan seminars and film screenings under the theme "Cultural Impact of the New Southbound Policy."
"The Project Complex in Bangkok," a collaborative arts program promoting exchange between Taiwanese and Thai artists, is now on showcase in Bangkok.
Taiwan's Chou Yu-cheng is the only artist from the greater Chinese-speaking community to participate at the Liverpool Biennial this year.
To help Taiwan's contemporary arts gain exposure, Art Bank Taiwan has curated a contemporary art exhibition at the TECRO Cultural Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland.
A photography exhibition documenting Taiwan's political, social, and economic shifts from the 1970s to 1990s is now available at Yamanashi Prefecture.
Ministry Updates
‘Koxinga Z’ wins top prize at Golden Comic Awards
The 9th Golden Comic Awards received a total of 136 submissions, with 23 entries shortlisted for nine prizes. Comic of the Year "Koxinga Z," which reimagines Taiwan's history from the Dutch colonial era to the arrival of Ming loyalist Koxinga, was praised by the judges for its unique narrative, intriguing storyline, and vivid characters.
Golden Indies to expand on scope, partnerships
The Golden Indie Music Awards are more than just an awards show — they serve as a vital showcase for the diversity and creative energy of young Taiwanese musicians. To expand the scope of the awards, the Ministry of Culture is launching a three-year project to transform the Golden Indies into a world-class Asian music brand.
Traditional performing arts groups to visit Taiwan
This October's 2018 Asia-Pacific Traditional Arts Festival is themed around "The Preservation and Adaptation of Traditional Arts." A total of 12 foreign and five Taiwanese groups are taking part in performance and exchange over the course of the month-long event.
Grants offered for Taiwan youths to boost southbound ties
As part of Taiwan's New Southbound Policy for enhancing regional participation through cultural and economic ties, the Ministry of Culture is looking for youth delegates to boost Taiwan's cultural exchanges with Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.
Cultural Features
Wang Hui-ling is a Taiwanese screenwriter best known for her screenplays based on the lives of writer Eileen Chang and poet Xu Zhi-mo, as well as her long-time collaboration with director Ang Lee. Wang received an Oscar nomination for best adapted screenplay for "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."
Scriptwriter | Wang Hui-ling
When Chang Chao-tang was named winner of the 30th National Cultural Award, many art critics were taken back by the judge panel's preference for photography over other forms of art. He was the first photographer to win the prestigious fine arts accolade in the past 23 years.
Photographer | Chang Chao-tang
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