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ISSUE #534
A total of 15 Taiwanese films are set to feature at this year's Queer East Film Festival in London from Sep. 15 to 26, which presents a diverse Asian queer narrative, rethinking the meaning of "family" and highlighting innovative contemporary works, whilst also giving UK audiences the chance to watch some classic LGBTQ+ cinema from the region.
The Taiwan Film Festival in Australia, due to take place online from Sep. 16 to 30, has announced this year's film lineup, featuring 13 feature films and 8 short films in addition to organizing "Live Opening Night Banquet" on Sep. 16 to interact with moviegoers.
Supported by the Ministry of Culture and associated with Taiwan Yuan-Li Handiwork Association, the exhibition "Lines of Possibilities: Taiwanese Rush Weaving" has been specially curated for London Craft Week 2021, which will run from Oct. 4 to 10, taking place at over 200 separate locations across the city and on its website.
Ministry Updates
Chung Jen-pi conferred posthumous presidential citation
To pay tribute to the late puppet master and troupe director of the Hsin Shing Kuo Puppet Show Troupe Chung Jen-pi who passed away on Sep. 5, Deputy Minister of Culture Hsiao Tsung-huang conferred a posthumous presidential citation at a memorial service held on Sep. 24 by the Yunlin County Government.
NHRM launches first overseas exhibition in Tokyo
Having co-organized the "Human Rights in Life" exhibition, the Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo, the National Human Rights Museum and Tokyo-headquartered Scholars Network for Education Trips to Taiwan launched a preview session on International Day of Democracy on Sep. 15.
5th Taiwan Int
Themed "No Distance Between Us," the 5th Taiwan International Deaf Film Festival - jointly launched by the National Museum of Taiwan Literature and the National Association of the Deaf (CNAD) – will be held virtually from Oct. 2 to 3, featuring eight films from Taiwan, England, America, Japan, to share the lives of the deaf people to the public.
Cultural Features
Quintus Yang Xin Biao showed an interest in and talent for craftwork from an early age. Since he was 14, he has been studying metalsmithing and jewelry design, and this deep background couples with his refined techniques and delicate expressions of emotion to create exquisite works that showcase his belief that metalsmithing and lacquer art are as much arts as they are handicrafts. Yang is best known for his double-layer insulated silver teacup piece "Full Moon" from 2007, for which he won the National Craft Award and became the youngest National Master Craftsman in Taiwan’s history at the age of 31.
Craft Artist | Quintus Yang Xin Biao
Jin Kwei Lo Puppetry Company has been performing traditional pò͘-tē-hì puppet theater for over 60 years. It was founded by Taiwan’s first female pò͘-tē-hì master, Chiang Szu-mei, and the company's performance style has differed from the usual male-led ones, bringing a feminine perspective to the art and focusing on the inner emotions and delicate characterizations of the characters. The company also works to pass down traditional puppetry to the younger generations. Through cooperations with folk theater groups and modern drama venues, Jin Kwei Lo incorporates fresh contemporary thinking and technology in creating a "comprehensive theater" approach, injecting new life into pò͘-tē-hì.
Jin Kwei Lo Puppetry Company
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