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ISSUE #219
'As Heavy as a Feather,' a video and mixed installation exhibition featuring aboriginal culture and land by Chang En-man, is on view at the Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles.
Bookplates embodying cultural and artistic elements as well as the social phenomena of Taiwan and Japan are currently on view at the Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo.
Artwork by 15 pioneering abstract artists born from the diaspora following the Chinese Civil War is being showcased at Musée d'Ixelles à Bruxelles.
'The Moving Garden,' a contemporary installation of live flowers by Taiwanese-American artist Lee Mingwei, is in full blossom at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum.
A whimsical collection featuring steel-plated, enamel-baked sculptures by Taiwanese artist Hung Yi is currently on public display on the streets of Washington, D.C.
Page Tsou, a Taiwanese illustrator lauded by Bologna Children's Book Fair, is holding his first solo exhibition 'Hide-and-Seek' at Madrid-based Museo ABC.
Ministry Updates
Concert marks Taiwan's third decade free of martial law
The Ministry of Culture invited over a hundred White Terror victims from the martial-law era to find solace through music in the hopes that the Taiwanese people will learn from history and protect their hard-earned democracy, freedom, and human rights.
Taipei exhibition offers Taiwanese indigenous artifacts
From clothing and sculptures to pottery and woven art, aboriginal artifacts are part of Taiwan's cultural heritage. These artifacts preserve historic memories and a way of life that embodied indigenous traditions such as ancestral worship and social hierarchy.
Taichung exhibition mixes art with physics
Dong is an Oakland-based Taiwanese conceptual artist and metalsmith who crafts with the intention of augmenting the viewer's visual experience. Visitors will explore the question of whether art could serve as a medium for awakening the human mind.
Modern art exhibition pops up in Hsinchu
The pop-up exhibition is inspired by the highly celebrated 'Work in Freestyle: Meet 7 Happiness' show curated by Art Bank Taiwan for this year's Creative Expo Taiwan, which had ignited the public's imagination over the artistic possibilities in daily life.
Cultural Features
Masterful in singing with both Chinese and Taiwanese lyrics, the 'Diva of Formosa' Chi Lu-hsia possesses one of the most familiar voices known to the people of Taiwan. She has recorded roughly 2,000 songs throughout her career.
Taiwanese Singer | Chi Lu-hsia
Regarded as one of the most talented musicians nurtured by Taiwan, Chang Yu-sheng became one of the two recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 28th Golden Melody Awards in 2017 in remembrance of the second decade of his passing.
Singer-Songwriter | Chang Yu-sheng
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