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ISSUE #269
From dance to circus and puppetry, four Taiwanese troupes are showcasing Taiwan's beautiful culture on the world stage through this year's Off Festival d'Avignon.
The historic Twin Oaks estate, one of the most iconic witnesses to Taiwan-US relations, is hosting a special art exhibition by young Taiwanese artists.
Video installation artist Yuan Goang-ming is being showcased by the Southbank Centre's Hayward Gallery as part of the gallery's 50th anniversary celebrations.
Kang Muxiang, maker of giant steel installations by upcycling elevator cables, is the featured artist at the summer showcase of the Garment District Plazas in Manhattan.
Chin-pao Chen is the first Taiwan artist to be featured by the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for Documentary Photography & Film's annual exhibition in France.
Ministry Updates
Traditional music awards announce special winners
This year's highly anticipated special winners of the Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music are conductor Felix Chen for the publishing category, and Taiwanese opera performer Hsu Hsiu-nien for the performance category.
Taipei museum showcases dry plate photography
The National Taiwan Museum and the National Center of Photography have come together to hold "The Mirror of Time: Dry Plate Photography Exhibition," an exhibition focused on dry plate photography and life in early 20th-century Taiwan.
Indigenous heritage revival project bears fruit
The Indigenous Village Cultural Development Project seeks to showcase the vitality and innovation of Taiwan's indigenous peoples by facilitating their own cultural practices and interpretations of cultural subjectivity.
Cultural Features
The fifth in his family line of ornamental craftsmen, Li Ping-kuei has more than lived up to the reputation since his entry into the field as a young man, and his work is noteworthy for its meticulousness and charm. From deities and historical figures down to insects and fish, Li's works run the gamut.
Ornamental Wood Carver | Li Ping-kuei
Nestled within Chiayi County's Sikou Township, the small town of Tianshe was known as the "Kingdom of Bamboo Baskets" in the 1950s and 1960s. To boost the visibility of bamboo weaving, the community is now working hard to promote itself as the go-to destination for bamboo-weaving culture.
Tianshe Bamboo Art Development Association
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