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ISSUE #213
Taiwanese photographers have join the 2017 Belfast Photo Festival, one of the leading international festivals of photography in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.
'REWOVEN: Innovative Fiber Art,' an international collaboration among Taiwanese and American museums and art galleries, is now running in New York City.
More than 150 relics relating to Asia's puppetry culture are currently on view for the first time at the Iziko South African National Gallery.
A whimsical collection featuring steel-plated, enamel-baked sculptures by Taiwanese artist Hung Yi is currently on public display on the streets of Washington, D.C.
Tehching Hsieh, a duress artist best known for his yearlong performances, is headlining the Taiwan Pavilion at Venice Biennale this year.
Ministry Updates
Post-disaster team formed after torrential rains
The Ministry of Culture has formed an emergency response team for post-disaster investigation and recovery following the recent torrential rainfall throughout Taiwan.
Taiwan crafts set off for Tokyo fair
Ten outstanding Taiwan brands will present 33 sets of exquisite crafts at Japan's high-end design fair Interior Lifestyle Tokyo from June 14 through 16.
Art Bank Taiwan launches 'In Search of Gods'
Artworks with deific references from the collection of Art Bank Taiwan are on display in Taichung to showcase artistic inquiries into life and death.
Cultural Features
Lin Tien-fu is the founder of Jhu-nan Snake Kiln, the only traditional firewood kiln in Miaoli County today, and the 2016 recipient of the National Crafts Achievement Award.
Ceramics Maker | Lin Tien-fu
Baunay Watan is an Atayal cultural preservationist who has documented the fragile traditions of the Atayal tribe through images and films since the 1990s.
Atayal Historian | Buanay Watan
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