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ISSUE #275
The Edinburgh International Book Festival has invited three heavyweight Taiwan writers to present the promise and power of contemporary Taiwanese literature.
Late Japanese scholar Mitsuru Nishikawa's collection of Taiwan-inspired cultural relics is now on view at two museums in Japan's Fukushima Prefecture.
"Tradition in the Near Future" seeks to showcase the contemporary arts, films, and performances inspired by Taiwan's traditional temple fairs.
Taiwan's renowned photographer Shen Chao-liang is holding a solo exhibition on Taiwanese stage-car culture at the Sala Amárica gallery in Vitoria, Spain.
Chin-pao Chen is the first Taiwan artist to be featured by the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for Documentary Photography & Film's annual exhibition in France.
"Infatuation, Taiwan" features photography that captured historical images on the progress of Taiwan's democracy, freedom, liberty, and modern arts during the 1980s.
Ministry Updates
C-LAB launches six-year program to spur cultural experiments
Transformed from the former Air Force Command Headquarters in Taipei, the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) officially opened its doors on Aug. 18 with a grand launch and pilot forum titled "From Site to Lab, from Lab to Hub."
Global NGO launches Taipei branch with an eye on SE Asia
Taiwan takes its first steps towards becoming an international hub for arts and cultural nonprofit organizations on Aug. 15 with the opening of a Taipei branch office by global arts organization Living Arts International.
Taiwan’s public TV to launch Taiwanese-language channel
A Taiwanese-language TV channel operated by the Public Television Service (PTS) may greet viewers as early as mid-2019, thanks to a dedicated budget of NT$400 million approved by the Executive Yuan on Aug. 23.
Cultural Features
Lin Haiyin was an editor and writer who played an influential role in the development of Taiwan's contemporary literature. In a career that spanned four decades, Lin helped nurture many young Taiwanese authors and launched several literary columns in local newspapers to enrich Taiwan's literature scene. She was considered one of the most important female editors of 1950s Taiwan.
Editor | Lin Haiyin
The Beigang Water Cultural Park was established to preserve Beigang Township's first water plant that is commonly known as "Shui Tao Tou," meaning "the waterway head." Designated by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Yunlin County Government as a heritage site in 2006, the water plant has become a landmark that represents Beigang's history of water provision and modernization.
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