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ISSUE #462
Ministry Updates
Creative toolkits to help seniors share memories
To mitigate social isolation and loneliness among Taiwan's elderly population during the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Museum of Taiwan Literature has launched a "creative aging" toolkit project to help senior citizens find a renewed connection with the world by putting their life stories into words.
App offers virtual tour of fine arts museum in Taichung
The Taichung-based National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts maintains a "NTMoFA Kit" app since 2017 to provide more convenient access to exhibitions and artworks. A new function on the mobile application was launched in April to invite the public to visit the beautiful landscapes of the museum via digital means.
Green Island human rights festival slated for mid-May
The 2020 Green Island Human Rights Art Festival is set to run from May 15 to Sept. 15, aiming to highlight the voices of non-mainstream communities and the idea of "the marginalized" through creative mediums spanning imagery, text, and art.
Movie theaters considered ‘closed’ and eligible for relief
The Ministry of Culture reiterates that movie theaters are considered "closed" for the sake of COVID-19 relief efforts. This means they are not only eligible for already enacted subsidies, but also for the upcoming "Arts & Culture Relief 2.0" plan.
Cultural Features
Artist Yuan Jai's art bridges Eastern and Western concepts, incorporating the skills she has encountered over the course of her productive life. Her paintings are uniquely innocent and almost childlike at times, but imbued with sophistication.
Contemporary Painter | Yuan Jai
Best known for his intimate accounts of his homeland and tender words that carry the fragrance of soil, Taiwanese nativist poet Wu Sheng has long balanced the diverse roles of poet, environmental activist, and parent while giving readers a compelling vision of a sounder and methodological life.
Poet | Wu Sheng
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