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ISSUE #449
Taiwanese artists A-Sun Wu and Paloma Chang are holding a two-part exhibition to showcase their artworks at Galerie Vallois in Paris.
Co-organized with Taiwan Tourism Bureau, the exhibition is a photographic showcase of Taiwan's small mountainous towns, railways, and lantern festivals.
An exhibition that offers an up-close look at Taiwanese beliefs surrounding the afterlife is now underway at Musée départemental des Arts asiatiques.
Art Bank Taiwan has partnered up with the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the Holy See for a special light-themed art show.
Ministry Updates
Atayal elder named preserver of oral tradition
The Atayal custom of "Lmuhuw na Msbtunux" has been recognized as Taiwan's first nationally registered oral tradition. Minister Cheng Li-chiun personally presented a certificate to Watan Tanga, recognizing the indigenous elder as its preserver.
International light art festival kicks off in Taichung
The Taiwan International Light Festival running through March 1 is offering interactive audiovisual installations with lights by Taiwanese and international artists exploring the interconnectivity between people and the environment.
Taipei book fair postponed to May over quality concerns
Prioritizing public health amid the global coronavirus outbreak, the Taipei International Book Exhibition, which was originally slated for Feb. 4-9, will be postponed for three months and be held May 7-12 instead to ensure a better book fair experience for all.
Cultural Features
Lavaus comes from the indigenous Paiwan tribe that is known for exquisite weaving, embroidering, and woodcarving traditions. Devoted to the preservation and modernization of Paiwan art, the artisan is known for her embroidery techniques and deep knowledge of the tribe's distinctive culture.
Preserver of Paiwan Embroidery | Lavaus
Tong Yang-tze is the true embodiment of her own words, "there is no boundary in art," as she combines the thousand-year-old Chinese calligraphy with modern media. Highly praised for her transcendental achievements, Tong is one of the befitting winners of the 31st National Cultural Award.
Calligrapher | Tong Yang-tze
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