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ISSUE #556
Taiwanese video artist Zhang Xu-zhan, who was awarded the Deutsche Bank Artists of the Year 2020, will showcase his new work of the "Animal Story Series" in Berlin until Mar. 14. In addition to presenting his artwork, Zhang will join the workshop forum to share his creative journey of animation.
The Taiwan music, film, and live project Small Island Big Song brought together 15 musicians from 10 island nations of the Pacific and Indian Oceans during the pandemic to convey the tragedy of ocean pollution through remote collaboration.
For the first time, the Ministry of Culture leveraged an OTT platform to broadcast high-quality Taiwanese films in India, encouraging Indian audiences to learn about Taiwan through films and increase their interest in Taiwan. The selected films will demonstrate the diversity and richness in the culture of Taiwan.
Ministry Updates
MOC supports preservation of Ankang Reception House
With regards to the public's proposal to include Ankang Reception House, a former detention center for political prisoners, as a cultural asset, MOC said that it recognizes and supports the proposal. Hence, it will actively provide necessary assistance to ensure that it meets the requirements.
Late painter Kuo Tong-jong awarded presidential citation
A presidential citation has been awarded to late Taiwanese modern and contemporary painter Kuo Tong-jong, who passed away on Jan. 9, at the age of 96, in recognition of his contributions to Taiwan's art scene. Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te presented the presidential citation to Kuo's wife on Feb. 24.
Taiwan Int
Following the successful outdoor exhibition which concluded on Feb. 28, the 2022 Taiwan International Light Festival "Play and Playing- Light and Shadow" indoor exhibition will run until Mar. 20 at the Taichung-based National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.
Cultural Features
Chu An-min was honored with the Special Contribution Award of the 45th Golden Tripod Award for his contributions to the Taiwanese literature publishing industry. He was named one of the most influential people in publishing by Kingstone Books, and has received an Outstanding Alumnus Award from National Cheng Kung University.
Writer | Chu An-min
Hsin Hsing Ku Puppet Show Troupe has performed for Taiwanese during the island's time as Qing territory and Japanese colony through post-war retrocession to the present day. It has constantly evolved with the times and become an icon for and witness to the development of Taiwanese po-te-hi puppet theater.
Hsin Hsing Ku Puppet Show Troupe
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