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ISSUE #187
Free screenings of Taiwanese films in cafes, malls, and bookstores across Kuala Lumpur and Penang! Come for the movie, stay for the post-screening discussions.
Taiwan artist Chen Yin-ju is holding a solo exhibition in the UK as part of an ambitious commission marking Manchester's position as the 2016 European City of Science.
Jade, the mythical stone of the Orient and the imperial jewel of choice, takes the center stage of an international exhibition hosted by the Musee Guimet in Paris.
An audiovisual exhibition examining the different forms of faith that exist in human society is currently available at the Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles.
Indigenous artist Chang En Man, who hails from the aboriginal tribe of Paiwan, is holding her first solo exhibition in North America titled 'Heavy As A Feather.'
Ministry Updates
Pompidou invites Taiwan artist for 2017 showcase
Conceptual artist Lee Ming-wei will hold a month-long exhibition and performance next June at the Pompidou Centre in Paris. It is the first time that the center has extended such an invitation to a Taiwanese artist.
NT$100 million pledged to protect tangible heritage
To strengthen the nation’s capabilities in tangible heritage preservation and recovery, the Ministry of Culture has pledged a budget of NT$100 million to help local governments take precautionary measures and fortify regional assets.
'Reading 'Ren Jian' and Taiwan'
An exhibition featuring the human rights history of Taiwan, the late social activist Chen Ying-zhen, and the iconic left-wing magazine 'Ren Jian' is now showing in New Taipei's Banqiao District.
'70 Years After the 2.28 Incident'
The National Museum of Taiwan History has curated a special exhibition commemorating the 70th anniversary of the February 28 Incident in 2017 that highlights the personal perspectives of the common people.
'2016 Asia Pacific Traditional Arts Festival'
The 2016 Asia Pacific Traditional Arts Festival is taking place concurrently in Yilan and Taipei, offering 16 international performances, showcase by 10 resident artists from Taiwan and abroad, and a two-day global forum on puppetry arts.
Cultural Features
Yen Shui-long was a versatile artist who was influenced by Taiwanese, Japanese, and French aesthetics. In addition to creating a wide range of artworks throughout his career, Yen served a pioneering advocate for making the arts a part of everyday life, launching craft workshops and promoting cultural education across the nation.
Artist | Yen Shui-long
The Xiqu Center of Taiwan is the first venue established in Taiwan for traditional Chinese performance arts. The objective of the 1.8-hectare center is to preserve such cultural heritage, incorporate contemporary theater ideas, and foster related professionals in the field to develop Taiwan's traditional performance arts.
Xiqu Center of Taiwan
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