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ISSUE #122
'Micro Micro Revolution' consists of 3 socially engaged art projects from Taiwan: 'A Cultural Action at the Plum Tree Creek,' 'Plant-Matter Needed: The Material World of the Riverbank Amis Tribe 2015,' and '500 Lemon Trees.'
Indigenous children’s choir VOX Nativa will be in Poland on Sept. 4, followed by two performances in the German capital of Berlin on Sept. 6, and then a final concert in Austria on Sept. 8.
The National Museum of Prehistory has sent its exhibition on Asia’s baby-carrying culture to the Taiwan Academy in New York. The 47 relics will be available to the New York public from March through September.
The Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles is hosting an admission-free film series reliving the bittersweet memories of youth on every Thursday from Sept. 3 through Oct. 29.
Ministry Updates
National contest celebrates native language music
The winning shortlist of the 12th Taiwan Music Composition and Songwriting Contest was announced on Aug. 29, with the first prize going to Chou Wei-chung for the indigenous languages category, Lai Yu-ciao for the Hakka category, and Lin Chih-li for the Taiwanese Hokkien category.
'Chen Chin and the Making of an Ideal Modern Girl'
A special exhibition featuring artwork by the late Chen Chin (1907 – 1998), the first female Taiwanese painter during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan, will be held at the National Museum of History through Oct. 4.
'Images of Monuments Designated in 1998'
The first group of monuments and buildings to receive designation as national heritage in Taiwan will be showcased in a special exhibition at the National Taiwan Museum through Sept. 30.
'Ceramic Arts of the Past & Present'
A collection of ceramic crafts by Lin Kuo-lung, one of the disciples of the Snake Kiln school, will be displayed at the Nantou-based National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute through Sept. 20.
Cultural Features
Chen Chin was the most prominent female painter during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan. She was recognized for her honest depictions of Taiwanese women’s gradual evolvement throughout a span of seventy-plus years, and her role in fostering a new generation of women artists.
Painter | Chen Chin
Reputed for her works documenting Taiwan aboriginal tribes in the 1970s, Taiwanese photographer Wang Hsin is a pioneer who introduced documentary photography to Taiwan’s arts scene.
Photographer | Wang Hsin
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