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ISSUE #265
The Taiwan pavilion at Bookfest Malaysia is offering over 1,500 books and 100 publishing representatives to promote outstanding works from Taiwan.
Taiwan makes its first appearance at Design Miami/Basel with a stunning collection of craft arts created by international designers and Taiwanese artisans.
A renowned arts group devoted to the promotion and inheritance of Taiwan's artistic diversity is holding a special exhibition in Kuala Lumpur titled "Art Made in Taiwan."
The Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles is presenting a special exhibition on Taipei and Los Angeles that explore the issues of limited space in densely populated urban areas.
Kang Muxiang, maker of giant steel installations by upcycling elevator cables, is the featured artist at the summer showcase of the Garment District Plazas in Manhattan.
Ministry Updates
Exhibition on late comics master opens in Taipei
The first comic-themed exhibition to take place at Taiwan's National Palace Museum opens in memory of comic artist Chen Uen. The late master is remembered for pioneering a new style of aesthetics in the wuxia genre.
Diesel railcars transferred to Taipei for preservation
Four blue diesel trains from the 1950s — the last of their kind — have been successfully shipped to the Taipei Railway Workshop, where they will undergo renovations and greet visitors as part of Taiwan's upcoming National Railway Museum.
Restoration work begins on Royal Guest House
The Grass Mountain Royal Guest House in Taipei is a designated historic site that has gradually fallen into disrepair. To address this, the Ministry of Culture took the first step toward restoring it back to usability this June.
Taiwan-Okinawa prehistory project moves forward
Taiwan-Japan cooperation has continued into 2018 with the "Navigating 30,000 Years Ago: Crossing the Kuroshio Current" project — an attempt to confirm the viability of a prehistoric marine route between Taiwan and Okinawa.
Indigenous literature exhibition opens in Tainan
This exhibition at the National Museum of Taiwan Literature on transitional justice for Taiwan's indigenous peoples brings together storytelling and song to cover the themes of land rights, semantics of names, and subversion of history.
Cultural Features
Tehching Hsieh is a semi-retired duress artist best known for his yearlong performances. Each work convenes different methods of documentation, challenging what it might mean to archive a life.
Performance Artist | Tehching Hsieh
After six years of preparation, the National Human Rights Museum officially opened on May 17, 2018 as the first museum that combines historic sites with national memories of an authoritarian regime in Asia.
National Human Rights Museum
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