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ISSUE #476
Four Taiwan dance troupes will be showcasing Taiwan's vibrant creativity at the online Edinburgh Festival Fringe. "Connecting with Taiwan," a series of in-depth talks under "Taiwan Season," will be available from Aug. 4 to 28.
In collaboration with the C.F. Koo Foundation, the Ministry of Culture initiated the "TaiwanEYE Online Showcase" project to help promote 10 Taiwanese performing arts troupes during the COVID-19 pandemic.
"Teatro de marionetas de Formosa" — an unprecedented overseas showcase of over 180 pieces of Asian puppetry artifacts from Taiwan — has now been made available as an online exhibition in five languages.
Ministry Updates
Minister visits Juan I-jong
Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te visited the Kishu An Forest of Literature on July 31 to view veteran photographer Juan I-jong’s retrospective exhibition, that captured the daily lives of Hoklo, Hakka and indigenous communities from earlier days in Taiwan.
Taiwan honored six "National living treasures" for their efforts in perpetuating cultural heritage at a Bureau of Cultural Heritage-staged ceremony in Taichung on August 1.
Taiwan signs MoU with Le Lieu Unique
The Taiwan Cultural Center in Paris signed a MoC with Nantes-based Le Lieu Unique, France's National Center for Contemporary Arts, on July 28, with the aim to add the French city as another essential site showcasing Taiwan arts.
Cultural Features
Taiwanese musicologist Han Kuo-huang has racked up numerous firsts in the world of music study in Taiwan: 1) First academic promoter of ethnic music 2) First promoter of music iconography 3) First musician to study at graduate level in the United States 4) First to introduce the concept of world music 5) First to introduce and teach Indonesian gamelan music. Photo courtesy of ©Taiwan Music Institute
Musicologist | Han Kuo-huang
Taiwanese sound artist Wang Fu-jui is an important part of Taiwanese avant-garde digital and sound art in its early days. He lead Taiwan into a new realm of sound art, and founded Taiwan's first experimental music label and publication -- "Noise." Photos courtesy of @Digiarts
Sound Artist | Wang Fu-jui
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