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ISSUE #139
The Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo is offering a free movie screening on every Friday afternoon of January to celebrate the advent of a new year.
'The Book Garden,' a solo exhibition featuring sculptures made by artist Chen Long-bin from upcycling old books, is being staged at the San Antonio Central Library.
Metallic crafts and jewelry that have received acclaim from Taiwan's premier crafts competition are on display at the National Ornamental Metal Museum of Tennessee.
Taiwan's integration of traditional and religious beliefs with modern values is the topic of discussion at an art exhibition hosted by the University of British Columbia.
Ministry Updates
Taipei's premiere crafts center unveiled
A renovated historic building with domes and eaves carved by hundreds of craftsmen has returned in all its splendor to serve the public in its new capacity as Taipei’s premiere crafts center.
Taiwan, South Korea to jointly promote crafts
The National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute has forged a new cooperative pact with the Korea Craft & Design Foundation in a move that will unite resources from Taiwan and South Korea to promote the crafts industry.
'Hung Yi's Wonderland'
A Taichung exhibition will present artist Hung Yi's creation of whimsical sculptures from the past three years, ranging from animal- and plant-looking steel works that are given life by Hung with bold colors and Chinese cultural motifs.
Ring in the New Year with concerts, fireworks
New Year celebrations ranging from aboriginal choirs to spectacular fireworks displays will be held all across the island between Dec. 31 and Jan. 1, 2016.
Cultural Features
Hung Yi, a contemporary artist who believes that art stems from everyday life, has brought his installation art across Taiwan and to other countries in the hope of bringing joy into people's lives with his colorful sculptures.
Visual Artist | Hung Yi
Reopening to the public after years of restoration, the NTCRI Taipei Branch will complement the existing arts and cultural facilities along Nanhai Road and strengthen the position of the region touted as 'Nanhai Academy' for cultural leisure and tourism.
NTCRI Taipei Branch
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