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ISSUE #469
Ministry Updates
Presidential order, citation conferred to literary great
To mark the late Hakka writer-mentor Chung Chao-cheng's tremendous contributions to Taiwan, President Tsai Ing-wen conferred a presidential citation and the Order of Brilliant Star with Special Grand Cordon, making him the first non-civil servant to be honored with medals by three presidents.
Pinuyumayan house successfully renovated
With support from the National Museum of Prehistory, a June 13 ceremony marking the complete renovation of a Pinuyumayan traditional house in Taitung saw tribal elders perform "maresa'ur," an ancient indigenous folk song dedicated to the establishment of a traditional residence.
Human rights museum awarded for civil courage
For its civil courage efforts in boosting education on rights and democracy, Taiwan's National Human Rights Museum received a Special Award from this year's Karl Wilhelm Fricke Award on June 3, just prior to the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests.
Cultural Features
Originally a normal wood factory manufacturing playground equipment, Mutou became the nation's first Wood Tourism Factory and is now a big hit with domestic and foreign tourists. The workshop promotes carpentry creativity and wooden toys and games, so that children are able to appreciate the beauty of wood and trees.
Mutou Wood Magic Carpentry Workshop
The traditional weaving techniques of the Truku are not only among the defining characteristics of the indigenous community, they represent a unique treasury of forms, layouts, and symbolic meanings. To spark a revival of this traditional craft, a group called "Mwaray da" was formed in Hualien County.
Mwaray da Studio
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