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ISSUE #528
"Lan Hao-Lun & Luca Bonaccorsi: 9,663," a cross-country new media interdisciplinary exhibition organized by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts which uses new media audiovisual technology to present two windows in connecting scenes of daily life in Taiwan and Italy, will take place in the multiple screens area of NTMoFA from July 13 to August 15.
The Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo and the Taiwan Creative Content Agency collaborated to launch "Taiwan Audio Comic Expo" from July 1 to August 20, featuring a collection of colorful illustrations by Taiwanese comic artists in addition to short films of original Taiwanese manga works accompanied by audio.
The 44th Asian American International Film Festival returns with a new lineup of films consisting of 20 films and 60 short films, with seven Taiwan productions featuring stories of loss, discovery, and re-birth from the urban sprawl of Taipei to the shores of California, to be screened at the festival, which will run from until August 22 in New York.
Ministry Updates
MOC mourns passing of songwriter Tzeng Shing-Kwei
Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te expresses his condolences over the passing of Professor Tzeng Shing-Kwei, an important promoter of contemporary Taiwanese music and a pioneer of electronic music involved in the establishment of "International Society for Contemporary Music" and "Taiwan Computer Music Association," who passed away on August 12 due to illness at the age of 75.
"A Glimpse of Taiwan," which comprises of four filmed dance-theatre productions performed by Taiwanese troupes Tai Gu Tales Dance Theater, Les Petites Choses Production, Incandescence Dance, and Tjimur Dance Theater received positive affirmations from art reviewers and garnered praise for its unique, innovative and vibrant content on Aug. 6, as part of this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival "Taiwan Season" program.
NTMoFA holds opening ceremony for expo on Chen Yin-Hui
The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts's special exhibition "Adventures of Colors, Forms, and Poetics: Chen Yin-Hui’s 90 Years Artist Journey," which will run through Oct. 3, launched its virtual opening ceremony on Aug. 7, where Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te in a pre-recorded video paid tribute to artist Chen Yin-Hui's spirit of selflessness and contribution to Taiwan's arts and cultural development.
Cultural Features
When Liu Feng-shueh first arrived in Taiwan, she taught briefly at the Hualien Normal School and gathered information about the times and places of many indigenous ceremonies and festivities through the indigenous students at the school. Her first time experiencing Taiwanese indigenous dance first-hand was during the Amis harvest festival of Ilisin in Fenglin Township, where she danced to the rhythm and songs of the festival. The emotionally charged rituals also prompted her to reflect on Han ritual culture, which indirectly led to her interest in studying Confucian ritual dance.
Dancer | Liu Feng-shueh
Chang Kun-chen's research can be categorized into three themes: first, interdisciplinary discourse on the culture of built environments; second, historical and theoretical explorations of traditional architecture; and third, historical study of cultural heritage. He has headed up an interdisciplinary research project at Academia Sinica entitled "Sustainable Development in Anthropocene: Changing Urban Life in Taiwan," including the sub-project "Research on the Urbanized Variation of Sacred Space: Comparative Study between Mazu Temple and Earth-God Temple of some Settlements in the Tamsui River Basin" (2015-2017).
Cultural Historian | Chang Kun-chen
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