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ISSUE #618
After being exhibited in Taiwan and Hong Kong, the original manuscripts of the documentary comic series, "Monsoon," published by Taiwanese publishing house Slowork Publishing are displayed at Hin Bus Depot in Penang, Malaysia from May 6 to 28.
With support from the Cultural Division of the Taipei Representative Office in Italy, in collaboration with MAO and Conservatorio di Musica "Giuseppe Verdi," Italy's music academy, Taiwanese–American artist Lee Ming-wei's interactive performance installation "Sonic Blossom" is on view from May 5 to June 4.
To further promote international exchanges of Taiwanese culture, the traveling exhibition "Homeland - Relationship of Taiwan Green Craft," organized by the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, is exhibited in Washington from May 12 to 31 and in New York from June 7 to 30.
Ministry Updates
Museums across Taiwan are celebrating International Museum Day with exciting activities and free admission discounts for visitors. One of the highlights this year includes the reopening of the National Museum of Prehistory after being closed for nearly three years due to renovation. 
"Where the Worlds Begin," a massive animated display designed for the entryway of the Austronesian Hall at the National Museum of Prehistory, won the iF Design Award 2023 under the category of animation. Previously, it received the Golden Pin Design Award and was also nominated for the ADC Awards in the US.
Choreographer Liu Feng-shueh, credited with many groundbreaking achievements in the world of dance, passed away on May 17 at the age of 98. Ministry of Culture will propose awarding a presidential citation posthumously in recognition of her achievements.
Cultural Features
Calaw Mayaw, a pioneer in Taiwanese indigenous music research, was an Amis born in Hualien in 1936. He devoted his life to the investigation and research of the music of Taiwanese minority ethnic groups, applying himself particularly to passing on Taiwan's indigenous music. In a time when indigenous music was overlooked, he preserved the melodies of their land and life and enriched Taiwan's ongoing musical heritage.
Taiwan is a major focal point for Mandarin pop music, and the Taipei Music Center is, for pop music workers, one of the friendliest spots for everything from production to performance; and, for the public, the best place to get up close with music and to appreciate musical performances. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a comfortable, spacious park, it is a venue for a diverse range of activities and events.
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