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ISSUE #153
WorldFest Houston, one of the oldest independent film festivals in North America, has selected a handful of Taiwanese productions to screen at AMC Studio 30.
The Taiwan Festival in Macau has returned for its second edition to offer a week-long series of exhibitions, forums, workshops, film screenings, and concerts.
Taiwanese installation artworks made with eco-conscious materials such as bamboo and driftwood take the center stage of Japan's Setouchi Triennale 2016.
A film festival celebrating the accomplishments and struggles of women in Taiwan is taking place across New York City to showcase 6 Taiwan-made films in 7 screenings.
The Taiwan Cultural Center in Tokyo is host to a two-month show focusing on exchanges between Taiwan and Japan in the realms of cuisine, art, and culture.
Long Beach Museum of Art is host to an innovative exhibition featuring Taiwanese artists who evolve their creative practice in line with rapid advances in technology.
Ministry Updates
Creative expo to offer best of Taiwan design
Creative Expo Taiwan (CET), the largest trade fair to present the unique lifestyle and values of Taiwan, will return on April 20 to promote a diverse range of creative products at three venues in Taipei through April 24.
'2016 French Tech Culture Workshop'
The Ministry will partner with the French Office in Taipei to hold a French Tech Culture workshop on April 20 and 21, during which professionals from France and Taiwan will share their experiences of how innovative technology influences culture and art.
'The Legend of Song and Poetry'
Taiwanese opera booklets donated by the public will greet audiences for the first time in a special exhibition organized by the National Museum of Taiwan Literature.
Cultural Features
The late Long Chin-san, one of the most prominent figures in the history of photography in the Taiwan Strait, was best known for his camera work that captured the beauty of Chinese landscape aesthetics.
Photographer | Long Chin-san
Located along the southwest coast of Taiwan, the 34,405-hectare Taijiang National Park is Taiwan's eighth national park and offers a rich example of the wetlands of Taiwan's coastal environment.
Taijiang National Park
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