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ISSUE #169
Six performance groups are offering a glimpse of Taiwanese music, dance, theater, and puppetry in Scotland as part of the 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
The exhibition is part of the Post-Ecolonialism Project, an artist movement aimed at repopulating mountains with native plants after Typhoon Morakot ravaged Taiwan.
A rare glimpse of the weaving of Taiwan's indigenous peoples is being offered by a special exhibition running at the International Museum of Art & Science in Texas.
'Extrastellar Evaluations,' a series of works inspired by the lost continent of Lemuria by Taiwanese artist Chen Yin-ju, is currently running at the 2016 Liverpool Biennale.
'Re: Made in Taiwan' at the 15th Venice Biennale delves into the eco-friendly aspirations and civic possibilities imbued in ordinary buildings and venues.
Ministry Updates
Golden Comic Awards held to salute cartoonists
The 7th Golden Comic Awards ceremony was held on Aug. 2 in Taipei to salute local cartoonists who have adhered to their ideas and courageously pursued their dreams in Taiwan.
'Images of Doctors during the White Terror Era'
The Preparatory Office of the National Human Rights Museum in New Taipei is hosting a special exhibition in commemoration of the doctors victimized during the White Terror reign on Taiwan.
'Mi'aputr: People Who Wear a Wreath'
A special exhibition featuring the Pinaski community, one of the 'Eight Communities and Ten Tribes' of the indigenous Puyuma group, is running at the National Museum of Prehistory in Taitung.
'Concentration, Unleashed'
'Concentration, Unleashed,' a South Korea-Taiwan collaborative exhibition featuring jewelry and metallic crafts, is opened for a limited time at the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute's Taipei Branch.
Cultural Features
Kris Yao is a versatile architect whose public projects in recent years have established several new landmarks in Taiwan. He is best known for designing the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum.
Architect | Kris Yao
Billed as a 'museum of Asian art and culture,' the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum is a glittering 70-hectare facility dedicated to collecting, researching, preserving, and exhibiting artifacts and relics from across Asia.
NPM | Southern Branch
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