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ISSUE #202
'Reading Taiwan' is organized by the Taiwan Academy in LA to introduce modern Taiwan classics through screenings of literature-adapted films and academic talks.
The colorful menagerie sprung from the fertile imagination of artist Hung Yi has taken up residence at New York City's Garment District in Midtown Manhattan.
The Central Naval Museum in St Petersburg is showcasing a collection of historic documents & photos that juxtapose Taiwan in the 1870s with its contemporary visage.
'Mode in Taiwan,' a fashion exhibition featuring 75 works by 3 London-based Taiwanese designers, is being held at the Calais Lace Museum in northern France.
Female artists take the center stage at the 'Considerate Creations: Chameleons' group exhibition running at the Taipei Cultural Center in New York.
Ministry Updates
New act proposed to preserve native languages
To preserve the endangered traditional languages of Taiwan, the Ministry of Culture aims to cultivate language equality through a multilingual environment by enacting The Development Act of National Languages.
Bureau honored with Water Heritage Awareness Shield
The Bureau of Cultural Heritage has been honored with the Water Heritage Awareness Shield from ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) in recognition of its efforts in preserving and promoting Taiwan’s water heritage.
Cultural Features
Wei Te-sheng is a director-screenwriter who first rose to prominence with his debut feature 'Cape No. 7' in 2008. He is interested in learning more about local history to better show the historic perspectives of the Taiwanese people through his films.
Filmmaker | Wei Te-sheng
Ye Mimi is an award-winning poet whose works contains elements of surrealism and snippets of everyday life. She is also a filmmaker who incorporates text and imagery to create poetry videos. Her works are available in French and English.
Poet-Filmmaker | Ye Mimi
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